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For Whom Do I Work?

My clients include major Christian publishing houses, as well as individual writers needing some editorial help on their manuscripts. I have worked for pastors, missionaries, students, and scholars.

What Do I Do?

Copyediting is a careful reading of the manuscript to ensure accuracy and consistency in punctuation, spelling, subject-verb agreement, syntax, and style, as well as clarity.

Proofreading is a reading of the manuscript to correct such things as typographical errors, omissions, punctuation, and stylistic errors. This is a quicker review of the manuscript than that involved in copyediting and usually follows it.

All my editing and proofreading work is done in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, the standard for the publishing industry.

What Kind of Books Do I Edit?

Most of my work has been on academic books—the kind of books used in seminary and college classes and by pastors and missionaries. But I also have edited other nonfiction books on Christian missions, youth ministry, sermons, worship, and leadership, among other topics. And I have even worked on some fiction and children’s books. I DO NOT work on the books of poetry or experiential theology.

What Experience Do I Have?

I have over twenty-seven years of experience in the publishing industry, and the last twenty-two years I have been a full-time freelance editor.

As a seminary graduate, I have focused mostly on books in theology, biblical studies, church history, and Christian ministry. I have edited or proofed books for major Christian publishers, working on books by such authors as John Piper, John Phillips, Darrell Bock, John McRay, Grant Osborne, John Whitcomb, Simon Kistemaker, Robert Stein, Haddon Robinson, Walter Kaiser, Andreas Kostenberger, Karen Jobes, Douglas Moo, David Alan Black, Bruce Metzger, and Walter Elwell.

I have edited Sunday school curriculum for all ages, magazine articles, self-published books and booklets, and even a doctoral dissertation.

I currently serve as managing editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly.

As a published author myself, I know the desires and frustrations of authors who are anxious to see their work published.

There is more about my experience on the "About" page.

How Much Do I Charge?

My fees are contracted on a project-by-project basis. Since books vary so much as to their nature and content, I can make a fair determination of what will be required and how much I should charge only after seeing a manuscript. However, I can guarantee that I can edit your book for less than what Xulon, Innovo, West Bow, AuthorHouse, Dog Ear, Cross Books, and other self-publishing firms charge.