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The Christian Editor

Name: Jarl K. Waggoner

Home: Rural North Carolina (but always a West Virginian)

Education: College and seminary


Profession: Freelance editor and writer


Experience: Over 27 years in the publishing industry; Associate pastor; visiting instructor at Bible College; managing editor of Creation Research Society Quarterly; published over 600 separate items, including books, articles, reviews, and Sunday school lessons.

Occupations: Husband (for 30 years), father (of four boys and a girl), preacher and Bible teacher, traveler, homeschool principal

Interests: Bible, theology, church history, practical theology, baseball (Cincinnati Reds), football (West Virginia Mountaineers, Marshall Thundering Herd, Carolina Panthers), music (mostly traditional stuff), table tennis, and running.



Some Books I've Worked On

Jesus Christ: Our Intelligent Designer, by John C. Whitcomb

Paul: His Life and Teaching, by John McRay

Paradigms in Conflict, by David J. Hesselgrave

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, edited by Walter Elwell

Studying the Synoptic Gospels, by Robert Stein

Biblical Preaching, by Haddon Robinson

New Testament History, by Ben Witherington

The Bible in Translation, by Bruce Metzger

Let the Nations Be Glad! by John Piper

Reformed Dogmatics, by Herman Bavinck

Handbook on the Pentateuch, by Victor Hamilton

Koine Greek Reader, by Rod Decker

John: Baker Exegetical Commentary, by Andreas Kostenberger

Reinventing Jesus, by J. Ed Komoszewski, Daniel Wallace, and James Sawyer

Encountering Romans by Douglas Moo

How Biblical Languages Work by Peter Silzer and Thomas Finley

Revelation: Baker Exegetical Commentary, by Grant Osborne

Encountering the Psalms, by Hassell Bullock

Baker’s Dictionary of Christian Education, edited by Michael Anthony

Theology Charts: Patristics, H. Wayne House

Jesus according to Scripture, by Darrell Bock

Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament, by Walter Kaiser

People of the Old Testament by John Phillips