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Prophets for Our Time: An Exposition of Obadiah and Jonah

Now available from Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers, is Jarl Waggoner's exposition of Obadiah and Jonah.  Prophets for Our Time strikes a balance between scholarly study and practical exposition to bring these two prophetic books alive for modern readers. The result is a practical, readable book that clearly explains the meaning of the biblical text. Maps, charts, and suggestions for personal application and further study enhance the value of the book, making it a very useful tool for personal and group study.

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This volume models commendable biblical exposition. The author skillfully employs history, culture, lan- guage, and theology to clarify the original meaning. Not content to focus only on the past, he beckons the reader toward sensible personal application based on the original interpretation. I gladly commend this effort to anyone who craves to know what God said, what God meant by what He said to the first readers, and what spiritual lessons can be appropriately embraced today.

--Richard Mayhue,
Senior Vice President and Dean,
The Master's Seminary

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The World's Views: A Christian Perspective on the Beliefs of Our Day

The Bible presents a comprehensive worldview that guides Christians in every area of life. But it is not the only worldview competing in the marketplace of our culture. Other philosophies of life vie for the attention and devotion of people today, and they have been very successful in shaping the thought patterns of the Western World. The World's Views takes a look at the prevailing beliefs of our day, holding them up to the light of Scripture. Readers will find these brief introductions to humanism, pluralism, atheism, and other worldviews a helpful tool in evaluating these systems of thought and in sharpening their own understanding and application of the Christian worldview.